• I. I. Milian Тернопільський державний медичний університет, Тернопіль
  • M. V. Melnyk
  • S. M. Marchyshyn
  • S. Yu. Cholach



1 I.I. Milian, 2 M.V. Melnyk, 1 S.M. Marchyshyn, 1 S. Yu. Cholach

1SHEI "Ternopil State Medical University byI. Ya. Gorbachevskogo Ministry of Health ofUkraine "

2SHEI "Ivano-FrankivskNationalMedicalUniversity"

Veronica officinalis - wild plant of plantain family (Plantaginaceae). It grows on sandy soils in light forests throughoutUkraine. Veronica belongs to the species that are found on the edges, clearings, glades, forest meadows and among shrubs.

Natural reserves of Veronica Officinalis decrease every year, while the demand of pharmaceutical industry inUkrainefor raw materials of wild medicinal plants remains high. The purpose of our work is to study the features of Veronica Officinalis in the terms of culture.

Phenological observations were conducted by the methodics of the State Commission agricultural crops species-analysis on the research areas and in natural plant communities in the 3 - 10 - multiple repetition.

Analyzing the structure of morphogenesis of Veronica Officinalis, peculiarities of the formation and life of the parent bush were studied. Plants were planted ( on April 16) in the ground with the aisle 45h70 cm.

Gradual change of the shape of leaves of the plants was observed. The appearance of the first buds coincides with the period of intensive growth - from early June until the third decade of June. Budding phase continues until the first blooming flower. During this period, growing activity of the plant is reduced.

Change of day rhythm of bloom depends on temperature and humidity. Optimum conditions for flowers blooming can be considered air temperature 18 -22 Cand humidity 50 - 60%, while in the morning hours there is a maximum number of flowers in bloom

The average duration of flowering in nature conditions is 20 days. In natural plant communities in late phases of development of Veronica Officinalis begins.

If after flowering generative shoots are removed comes the second, less intense wave of flowering begins in the end of August.

Phase of growth and formation begins after fertilization, and further ripening and seed maturation take place. Maturation is accompanied by gradual dehydration of a plant leaves and stems become dry.

Fructification phase comprises three stages: milk, wax and full ripeness. Milk maturity is characterized by wreath shedding and the formation of ovaries.

Maturation of boxes takes place in stages. Average time of maturation boxes on experimental plots on average is - 26 days, in the natural plant communities - 36 days. Seeds storage is carried in the stage of full maturity. Height of the plant the ranged from 15 -30 cm.

Depending on the place of growth and meteorological conditions significant differences in all phenological phases are observed. Thus, plants Veronica Officinalis that grow in natural condition beginning of regrowth and flowering delay ruiting period for 10 - 15 days. During phenological observations on experimental plots of Veronica Officinalis differences in the onset phase of development are not significant. This indicates that the plants that grow in the same abiotic and edaphic conditions have the same type of occurrence of all phases of organogenesis.

Conclusion. As a result of phenological observations it was found that to create favorable conditions for the development of Veronica Officinalis on research areas it is important to take into account the soil type, the availability of moisture, lighting and so on.


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I. I. Milian, Тернопільський державний медичний університет, Тернопіль
доцент кафедри фармації ННІ післядипломної освіти, к. хім. н., доцент
S. Yu. Cholach

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Milian, I. I., Melnyk, M. V., Marchyshyn, S. M., & Cholach, S. Y. (2016). ФЕНОЛОГІЧНІ СПОСТЕРЕЖЕННЯ ЗА РОЗВИТКОМ ВЕРОНІКИ ЛІКАРСЬКОЇ. Фармацевтичний часопис, (4). https://doi.org/10.11603/2312-0967.2015.4.5548