СУЧАСНИЙ СТАН СТВОРЕННЯ, ВИРОБНИЦТВА ТА ДОСЛІДЖЕННЯ ТАБЛЕТОВАНИХ ЛІКАРСЬКИХ ПРЕПАРАТІВ. Повідомлення 18. Особливості застосування та характеристика дезінтеграторів при виробництві таблеток


  • М. А. Ежнед
  • О. В. Тригубчак
  • Т. А. Грошовий





М. А. Ezhned1 , О. V. Тryhubchak2 , Т. А. Hroshovyi2


2Ternopil State Medical University byI. Ya. Horbachevsky

Summary: the literature date about action mechanisms, introduction methods аnd physico-chemical proporties of desintegrators are presented. Examples are given for characteristics of leavens impact for slacking time of tablets.

Key words: tablets, excipients, desintegrators, leavens, slacking, intumescense.

Introduction. In the pharmaceutical market for more than three quarters of the total volume of finished drugs are taken by tablets. They can be used both for acute and chronic conditions, they are convenient to use. This explains the widespread tablets worldwide. In recent years, increasing attention has been paid to the development of fast dissolving tablets and / or disintegration that could easily swallow and tablets intended for dissolution and / or rapid disintegration in the oral cavity.

To improve the disintegration or dissolution of the tablets used in the manufacture of digging substances that provide mechanical destruction tablets in a liquid medium. Rippers added into the tablets also if the drug is insoluble in water or if the tablet is capable of self cemented during storage.

According to the requirements of good manufacturing practice disintegrants must meet the following requirements: negligible solubility, slight gel formation, good ability to hydration, good forming properties and flowability properties, no interaction with drugs.


Results and disussion.

According to the literature, depending on the method of administration and the physicochemical properties of disintegrators there are several mechanisms by which tablets disintegrate into small pieces, and then form a homogeneous suspension.

One of them involves capillary effect in which water accumulates within the matrix tablets, breaking the link between matrix and particles contributing to the disintegration of tablets. When disintegrant transport water into the matrix tablets, all soluble particles are dissolved, leading to a rapid disintegration of the tablet.

According to the views of other authors, not all Rippers swell with water. Swelling, nevertheless, consider the starting point at which certain disintegrants (such as starch) cause disintegration of tablets. When swelling into contact with water, adhesiveness other ingredients in the tablet is overcome, which also leads to the disintegration of the tablet.

Another mechanism caused the collapse of tablets include citric or tartaric acid with sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, potassium bicarbonate or calcium carbonate. Thus in contact with water is released carbon dioxide, which breaks tablet.

Conclusion. So, swelling pure ripper better correlated with swelling substances and mixtures of tablet efficiency of these materials which significantly increases the dissolution of the drug. Dissolution of the drug encapsulated dosage form can be significantly improved with the addition of disintegrants in the composition. The effectiveness of baking powder used depends on the nature of the filler and lubricating agents. The collapse of the tablets thus depends on the type and amount of baking powder. Thus, the disintegration of tablets attracted considerable attention as an important step in obtaining tablets with rapid release of the drug.




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