An employment of orthodontic bracket-system as additional method of fixation in cases of functionally stable osteosynthesis symphyseal/parasymphyseal mandibular fractures: an own experience

Ya. E. Vares, N. V. Chehrynets, Yu. O. Medvid


In this scientific research on the basis of literary review and own clinical experience the results of treatment of 15 patients with symphyseal/parasymphyseal fractures in 12 patients were combined with fractures of other sites (angle, condylar process) by means of functionally stable osteosynthesis with additional mono- or intermaxillary fixation with elements of non-removable orthodontic technique (brackets Victory®(3М Unitek®, USA)), which were fixed on teeth according to standart method, are  generalized. In all 15 cases anatomical and functional results of symphyseal/parasymphyseal osteosynthesis with additional bracket fixation were evaluated by us as good. A normalization of mandibular anatomical shape and bite was confirmed both clinically and roentgenologically. The terms of temporary intermaxillary fixation were from 1 to 8 days depending on amount and locations of fractures. There were no inflammatory complications or non-union. It was established that employment of bracket system, oppositely to traditional splinting techniques, provides teeth stabilization in fracture gap as well as interfragmentary compression due to directed elastic pull, which allow to widen the indications for leaving teeth in situ, especially in aestetically important areas. 


symphyseal/parasymphyseal mandibular fractures; functionally stable osteosynthesis; miniplates; non-removable orthodontic technique; bracket system.


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