Prognosis of complexity and level of trauma of lower third molars atypical removal on the basis of radiologic criteria of their retention

S. V. Kyyak


Tooth impaction is malformation which occurred because of obstruction on the way of its eruption or ectopic placing of the tooth. Thorough radiologic assessment is required before “wisdom tooth” extraction. Most of impactions classifications and treatment algorithms are built on the radiologic assessment. There were quite a few attempts to create a model which determine complexity of lower third molars removal (MacGregor, 1979, M. Diniz-Freitas, 2007, H. Yuasa et al., 2002, G. L. Howe, 1971, A. M. Nieves et al., 2009 etc.). The aim of the work was the improvement of diagnostic approach and planning of atypical removal of impacted lower third molars considering complex of radiologic criterions. Synchronization of radiological and other criterions of lower third molar impaction with the aim of prognosis of complications, level of trauma and difficulty of their atypical removal will improve quality of surgical process and relieve postoperative period of patients. Creation of computer program including these criterions will simplify the work of dental surgeons and will serve as an effective visualization of study process of students and interns.


lower third molars impaction; radiologic criterias; complexity of atypical removal; trauma from atypical removal.


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