• T. A. Chernyshova Medical Center of National Aviation University
  • S. M. Zlepko Vinnytsia National Technical University
  • O. Yu. Azarkhov SHEI «Pryazovskyi State Technical University»
  • S. O. Danylkov Office of Health Care of the Mariupol City Council
  • V. Ye. Kryvonosov SHEI «Pryazovskyi State Technical University»
  • D. M. Baranovsky Vinnytsia National Technical University
Keywords: information technology, circulating tumor cells, oncology, diagnostic.


Most modern systems and technologies of the automated analysis of medical microscopic images and early diagnostics of oncological diseases are analyzed in the article. The methods and algorithms used for image processing, segmentation, determination of parameters of the object, which are determined manually and require additional knowledge, make it significantly complicated for their practical application in clinical medicine due to insufficient knowledge of medical staff.


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