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Беззаперечним є й той факт, що науковий підхід до всіх видів людської діяльності змушує освіту розвиватися швидшими темпами, ніж будь-яку іншу галузь діяльності, «...задовольняючи потреби суспільства та держави в технологічному розвитку шляхом взаємодії освіти та науки.» (Закон України «Про наукову і науково-технічну діяльність» від 26.11.2015 № 848-VIII).</p> <p>Метою заснування першого в країні факультету підвищення кваліфікації викладачів (ПКВ), стала<br>реалізація системного підходу до вдосконалення знань і підвищення кваліфікації науково-педагогічних працівників (НПП) системи післядипломної медичної освіти.</p> O. P. Mintser L. Yu. Babintseva ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-11-26 2018-11-26 3 10 16 10.11603/mie.1996-1960.2018.3.9461 CARDIOLOGIC ASPECTS OF NETWORK MEDICINE <p>Background. The article provides a brief overview of the main publications on networked medicine and the application of an integrated network analysis of protein interactions in the study of human diseases. Given the functional interdependencies between the molecular components in a human cell, the disease is rarely a consequence of an anomaly in one gene, but reflects a complex anomaly of the intracellular network. New tools of network medicine offer a platform for a systematic study not only of the molecular complexity of a specific disease, leading to the identification of modules and pathways of the disease, but also the molecular relationships between manifestly (pathogenic) phenotypes.</p> <p>Results. The purpose of the study: summarize the results of using the methodology of network medicine, primarily in cardiology.</p> <p>It is postulated that, when revealing new disease genes, it is necessary to determine the biological significance of disease-related mutations identified as a result of genome studies as a whole, and complete sequencing of the genome, as well as for detection of targets and biomarkers of complex diseases.</p> <p>Conclusions. Network medicine and the ontology of knowledge have much in common both in the creation strategy and in the technologies of use. However, the tasks of multidimensional modeling are now preferably performed in the «knowledge ontology» strategy. You can also say about education, where ontological solutions are more popular.</p> <p>Attention is given to the issues of network interconnection of various cardiac diseases at the molecular and phenotypic level. Many diseases of the heart are examined with the help of complex clinical phenotypes formed as a result of integrative influence on the molecular (interactive), genetic (genomic) and ecological (metabolic) levels.</p> O. P. Mintser V. M. Zalisky ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-11-26 2018-11-26 3 17 27 10.11603/mie.1996-1960.2018.3.9462 DATA MINING TECHNOLOGY USING FOR DETERMINATION OF FORENSIC-MEDICAL PECULIARITIES OF INAPPROPRIATE MEDICAL CARE <p>The paper presents Data Mining technology, in particular the method of induction of decision trees, for solving of special issues during forensic medical expertise in cases of medical malpractice. Based on the obtained results with using of the automated mathematical program of intellectual processing of the database, specific forensic expert peculiarities of inappropriate medical care were established. Presented research was performed on the example of medical malpractice litigation in internal medicine practice</p> V. P. Martseniuk V. V. Franchuk A. S. Sverstiuk O. V. Franchuk ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-11-26 2018-11-26 3 28 35 10.11603/mie.1996-1960.2018.3.9463 ROLE OF THE SYSTEM BIOLOGY IN GLOBAL MODIFICATIONS OF CELLULAR METABOLISM IN CHRONIC METABOLIC DISORDERS <p>Background. System biology allows the use of mathematical models to analyze large data sets and helps to simulate the dynamics of complex biological systems. The analytical study discusses the use of the system approach to promote the development of personalized medicine in the treatment of metabolic diseases, insulin resistance, obesity, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and malignant neoplasms.</p> <p>Results. The purpose of the study: evaluate the effectiveness of using system biology and system medicine, as well as propose new approaches.</p> <p>The results of the integral analysis of large data sets for the identification of new biomarker molecules, which are the main personalized therapies, are considered. It is shown that quantitative system analysis can give a new understanding of the molecular mechanisms in the cell, form new concepts for the organization, coordination and regulation of cellular processes. It is extremely necessary to converge experimental and in silico analysis, both individual cellular processes and technological networks.</p> <p>Conclusions. System-biological and system-medical analyzes require the wide application of multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches, as was demonstrated by the example of sequencing of whole genomes. It is proposed to use a multistage mathematical modeling system in in silico format with an estimation of the probability of each of the key events ensuring the performance of a cascade of biochemical reactions.</p> O. P. Mintser V. M. Zalisky ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-11-26 2018-11-26 3 36 43 10.11603/mie.1996-1960.2018.3.9464 THE TISSUE COMPRESSION OPTIMIZATION AS THE CONDITION OF CONTROLLED IMPEDANCE CHANGE DURING ELECTRIC WELDING INTESTINAL ANASTOMOSIS CREATING <p>Introduction. The intestinal wall' structural unevenness determines uneven structure of the electric welding compound, and, accordingly, needs for increased compression to homogenize the density and electrical conductivity for better connection result. But at the same time, the required compression amount is close to destructive for intestine wall, since smaller quantities are ineffective.</p> <p>Aim: was to create the optimum method for balancing and distributing the compression effort on intestinal tissue in the model of electro-welded anastomosis in order to achieve by this way the high frequency welding process stability during the gut walls connecting.</p> <p>Material and methods. We performed 348 studies of programmed influence to pig organ complex the radio frequency electric voltage up to 200 V, with controlled change of impedance, after a pressure of 2.0 N/mm2 to 3.9 N/mm2 have applied on electrodes. The intestines were doubled in the instrument prototype, simulating an anastomosis. Electrode types were changed: smooth 247 mm2 (group 1); relief 280 mm2 (group 2); smooth 254 mm2 included limiters of their approach (group 3).</p> <p>Results. In group 1 we tried to find by the steps of 0.1 N/mm2, the pressure value as a point of equilibrium of mechanical and electrical properties. In 7.5% studies the failure of basic impedance parameters achieving was observed, in 42.5% — significant deviation of growth rate, in 7.5% — its critical decrease. In group 2, the prevention of possible electrodes displacement was investigated by applying that's different relief configurations. In this series, the basic impedance reduction parameters achieving increased to 82.5%, but in the next phase its sudden drop was observed in 30% probes. Also in 32.5% the significant impedance fluctuations were observed. In group 3, the electrodes approaching limitations in the range of 0.03 mm to 0.3 mm were studied. The limiters usage proved to be most effective at the ratio: limiter height to tissues thickness between the electrodes in anastomosis model — as 1:40. A critical impedance drop was observed in only 2.5% of studies.</p> <p>Conclusions. The electrodes pressure reducing increases the tissues impedance deviation from the target. The relief electrodes increases electrical conductivity and improves the starting part of electric welding, but increases the unevenness in its end part due to the impedance fluctuation. The limiters of electrodes approach usage provide the effect of full-time electric welding algorithm elaboration, regardless the values of optimal or subcritical intestinal compression.</p> <p>Discussion. The obtained data are intended to serve as the technological solutions basis in creating the elements of the specialized electric weld anastomosis making tool. Their technological introduction will provide the further increase of yet established benefits of electric-welded anastomosis over sewn and stapled. This technological device could be also effective in other biological tissues welding.</p> S. S. Podpriatov G. S. Marinsky V. A. Tkachenko O. V. Chernets K. G. Lopatkina V. A. Vasylchenko N. A. Chvertko ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-11-26 2018-11-26 3 44 50 10.11603/mie.1996-1960.2018.3.9471 THE USE OF INDUSTRIAL ASSESSMENTS TO DETERMINE THE QUALITY OF CARE IN PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP <p>Background. The issues of application of some industrial assessments for the quantitative determination of the quality of care for patients at the rehabilitation stage of treatment are considered.</p> <p>Results. At the same time, these assessments were compared in the structures of public and private sectors. It is emphasized that if the financial and administrative issues of such interaction have been studied to a certain extent, then a quantitative assessment of the quality of medical care in a public-private partnership (PPP) still raises questions. They are especially evident in the analysis of the effectiveness of cooperation in the rehabilitation of patients. The aspects of using the Pareto efficiency theory application and the Taguchi loss function are considered. The theoretical approaches to the use of scientific and technological tools for the implementation of PPPs in medical institutions, in particular in a rehabilitation center, were discussed. They are based on instrumental approaches to assessing the quality of medical care. It is shown that the use of Pareto assessment methods and the Taguchi loss function allows us to quantitatively characterize the improvement in the quality of care provided for PPPs. It is also shown that the indicators of clinical work and the average results of rehabilitation are close. However, the repeatability of results in PPP was significantly higher, and the number of medical errors decreased by 42%±3%. The integral evaluation by the Pareto and Taguchi methods turned out to be shifted towards PPP. The distance VA was 1.7 conventional units, which can be considered a quantitative proof of the effectiveness of the new format of the sanatorium's activities.</p> P. P. Hanynets N. O. Sinyenko ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-11-26 2018-11-26 3 58 63 10.11603/mie.1996-1960.2018.3.9472 OPTIMIZATION OF REGISTRATION AND WRITE-OFF PROCESS OF LABORATORY CONSUMABLES AND REAGENTS <p>The article describes the computer desktop program for automation of accounting of chemical vessels and reagents and reporting of admission and cancellation «Accounting of materials and reagents of the medical laboratory», developed to optimize the registration and write-off process of laboratory consumables and regents.</p> V. Z. Stetsyuk L. Yu. Babintseva I. P. Muha O. Yu. Barvinska Yu. M. Chyzh ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-11-26 2018-11-26 3 51 53 10.11603/mie.1996-1960.2018.3.9473 EXPERIMENTAL AND THEORETICAL APPROACHES TO THE CREATION OF COMPUTER PROGRAM FOR VIRTUAL SCREENING OF SCAVENGERS NO IN A RANGE OF AZAGETEROCYCLES <p>The creation of computer programs for virtual screening is an urgent task for modern pharmacology and medicine. The article shows some experimental and theoretical approaches to the creation of a computer program for virtual screening of scavengers NO in a range of azageterocycles. Methods for estimating antioxidant activity, quantum mechanical and statistical calculations are presented. Prospects and advantages of computer simulation of the activity of compounds are considered.</p> V. P. Ryzhenko I. F. Belenichev O. A. Ryzhov S. V. Levich ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-11-26 2018-11-26 3 54 57 10.11603/mie.1996-1960.2018.3.9474 INFORMATIONAL VALUE OF VISUAL ANALYSIS OF ARTERIAL OSCILLOGRAPHY, DETERMINED AT THE TIME OF GROWTH OF FOOT COMPRESSION AFTER MEASUREMENT OF ARTERIAL PRESSURE <p>Background. The implementation of modern ICT in health care practice makes it possible to improve prevention, diagnosis, early rehabilitation and treatment of cardiovascular system (CVS). According to the World Health Organization each year cardiovascular diseases (CVD) cause the death of 17.5 million persons; it is 31% of all deaths worldwide). High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart attacks. The current instrumental diagnostics of CVS disorders by ultrasonic Doppler examination, ultrasound scanning and digital optical capillaroscopy, MR angiography, mathematical analysis of cardiac rhythm, Holter monitoring (and other methods) contribute to improving the diagnosis and treatment of CVS diseases. However, «rejuvenating» of vascular disorders that lead to profound disability, indicates that today there is an urgent need in fundamental studies on cardiovascular system, changes in cases of pathological conditions, effective technologies for early detection and treatment of vascular pathology.</p> <p>Materials and methods. Arterial oscillogram obtained using monitor of blood pressure and heart rate, which records the value of pressure pulse changes in cuff when measuring blood pressure and export information through an external&nbsp;</p> <p>interface of data exchange to personal computer. Further analysis of the obtained data and creating of arterial oscillogram was conducted by computer programs developed by the authors.</p> <p>The results of our research are based on assessment during 2012-2017. 626 people - volunteers were divided into 2 groups. The first group consisted of 480 healthy males (27 %) and females (73 %), aged 18 - 22 years, who study in the medical and pedagogical universities of Ternopil, Ukraine.</p> <p>Results. The authors suggested morphological criteria of oscillograms evaluation, defined standards of normal findings; developed the ICT methods of value oscillogram evaluation, differentiated 5 levels of deviations from the norm, which are compared with 5 types of health level gradation established in electrocardiography.</p> <p>Morphological oscillogram analysis enables visual evaluation of vessels condition before compression and their oscillatory ability to counteract compression increase by the cuff when measuring blood pressure. The nature of pulsation will help the doctor to examine pulsation rhythm, cardiac function, and condition of the autonomic nervous system, blood pressure and neuro-reflex effects on the blood vessels state, differentiate functional and organic causes of changes in them. The use of the suggested morphological criteria of value oscillogram evaluation to estimate health condition will help the doctor to take appropriate decisions both during primary examination, and for monitoring the effectiveness of treatment.</p> <p>Conclusions. So, the suggested information technology enables medical professionals to expand information on cardiovascular system of patients, promote early revealing of premorbid and donozological state and help to plan diagnostics and therapy. They will be useful for general physicians, paediatricians, cardiologists, neurologists, researchers, in sports medicine. General physicians (or other users) in the presence of electronic sphygmomanometer and the software will be able to monitor CVS state and peripheral vessels according to the suggested criteria.</p> V. P. Martsenyuk D. V. Vakulenko L. A. Vakulenko A. V. Kutakova A. V. Semenets N. O. Kravets N. J. Klimuk ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-11-26 2018-11-26 3 64 67 10.11603/mie.1996-1960.2018.3.9475 CONCEPTUAL APPROACHES TO THE ALGORITHMIZATION OF MONITORING PROCESSES OF THE INDICATORS OF THE STATE OF THE ORGANISM <p>Background. The approaches to the formation of personalized knowledge about the state and health of a person in the tasks of mobile medicine are considered. The range of conceptual and methodological approaches for assessing various parameters of the physical condition of the body and physical fitness of a person is analyzed.</p> <p>Conclusions. It is proposed to use the parameters of the attractors of the cardiovascular system of the body on the basis of using the methods of the phase spaces of the patient's states. We also recommend new approaches to identify the parameters of the state vector of the human body in the multidimensional phase space of states for assessing and modeling the dynamics of the human cardiovascular system. The approaches are associated not only with the absolute value of various indicators, but also with the rate of change of the studied parameters, their accelerations under load, as well as with the indicators of synergy.</p> Ya. O. Shevchenko ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-11-26 2018-11-26 3 68 70 10.11603/mie.1996-1960.2018.3.9477 ДО 100-РІЧЧЯ ЗАСНУВАННЯ НАЦІОНАЛЬНОЇ МЕДИЧНОЇ АКАДЕМІЇ ПІСЛЯДИПЛОМНОЇ ОСВІТИ ІМЕНІ П. Л. ШУПИКА <p>...</p> Ю. В. Вороненко Л. Ю. Бабінцева О. П. Мінцер В. М. Плугатир ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-11-26 2018-11-26 3 5 9 10.11603/mie.1996-1960.2018.3.9634