• O. P. Mintser Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education
  • N. O. Sinyenko Ministry of health care of Ukraine
  • P. P. Haninets «Suzir'ya» Ltd
  • O. V. Sarkanich «Suzir'ya» Ltd
  • A. V. Semivolos Ambulatory-policlinic establishment is the «Kyiv municipal child's diagnostic center»
  • O. O. Yaroshenko Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education



e-medicine, public-private partnership, rehabilitation, mobile medicine, information and communication technology.


The possibilities and reality of e-medicine problems solving with state-private partnership (SPP) technology in rehabilitation are considered. It is shown that the use of e-medicine is one of the most important levers of improving the quality of medical care during the period of rehabilitation treatment. It is postulated that as the healthcare informatization project are expensive its fast implementation is possible provided the widest use of the principles of SPP. It is believed that mobile medicine is the best example of modern SPP. For effective control of medical care quality the creation of specialized expert and advisory group of specialists is offered. The general principles of e-rehabilitation medicine implementing in the SPP format are defined.


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