• O. P. Mintser Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education
  • V. V. Vyshnevskyy Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems Problems, NAS of Ukraine



personalized medicine, medicine mobile, patient-oriented medicine, transdisciplinarity, genomic and proteomic diagnostics, genomic passport rights, predictive medicine, individual health, characteristic symptoms, stable states in the disease development.


It's discussed the immediate and long-term prospects of personalized medicine. It is emphasized that the greatest results can be expected at the present time from a patient-oriented approach in the diagnosis, prognosis and the choice of the treatment modality, state monitoring and risk assessment. Particular attention has been paid to the possibility of considering the development of pathology as a wave process with trends that are possible to determine (calculate). It's proposed a generalized representation of the concept and quantitative analysis of symptoms trends.


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