educational-scientific program, biology, biochemistry, higher education, competence, multidisci-plinarity, transdisciplinarity


Background. Biology of the 21st century is an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary field of knowledge that is not only rapidly developing, but also requires proactive specialists integrated into the European and global scientific and educational space. Therefore, biology as a science of life is reflected in the development of many sciences and technologies of the modern world - from personalized medicine to the biological foundations of human psychology, from the development of new bionic materials and devices to cell engineering and artificial insemination. The modern vision of training future specialists of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the specialty 091 "Biology and Biochemistry" (according to the international codification 0511 Biology and 0512 Biochemistry) in the branch of knowledge 09 "Biology" is presented.

Material and methods. Among the features of modern biology, we highlight: the study of the relationship between biological and social development of man; close connection with a number of high-tech areas, including molecular biology, molecular genetics, systems biomedicine. Practically all new trends and features are related to the use of information, communication and digital technologies.

Results. Life is considered at different levels of its organization - from the molecule to the biosphere. For a deeper understanding of the biochemical principles of the functioning of cells in vivo and in vitro as the basis of modern biology, this year the boundaries of the specialty were expanded and a component was added -biological chemistry, the research of which covers several directions, in particular, static, dynamic and functional biochemistry. We note that new discoveries in the field of biochemistry significantly strengthen the level of modern world medicine, and generalizations of biochemistry help to illuminate the evolution of the organic world and the question of the origin of life on Earth. Upon completion of their studies, third-level higher education students must master general scientific (philosophical) competencies, acquire universal research skills and language competencies. The topics of the training courses are designed to promote the ability to integrate knowledge and solve complex problems in multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary contexts.

Conclusion. The content of the proposed educational-scientific program in specialty 091 "Biology and Biochemistry" is aimed at training highly qualified and competitive specialists of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, acquisition by them in the course of training of necessary theoretical knowledge and a complex of practical abilities, skills and competences to perform innovative research, also the implementation of the obtained results in practical health care.



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