The role of hypoxia and proton mechanism of parietal cells in the occurence of stress-induced and peptic ulcers

Ya. I. Honskyi, V. V. Hnativ, B. O. Pereviznyk, S. R. Pidruchna, I. P. Kuzmak, T. Y. Yaroshenko


Based on experimental and clinical research, the authors revealed the preventive and therapeutic effect of continued intragastric delivery of molecular oxygen in case of stress-induced and peptic erosions and ulcers of stomach and duodenum. The hypothesis of possible role of hypoxia in the mechanism of injury of parietal cells is based on a consequence of transfer of protons from matrix of mitochondria and its further accumulation in cytoplasm. In this situation, the H+-dependent processes occur, particularly ATP synthesis and production of hydrochloric acid for which the protons are used. 


stress-induced ulcers, peptic ulcers, hypoxia.


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