Selective approach in thromboprophilaxis in patients with pancrearic cancer on chemotherapy

S. V. Zemskov


Pancreatic cancer (PC) is associated with high risk of thromboembolism (TE). However, the question of out-patient thromboprophylaxis and its feasibility in patients with PC is still disputable. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the efficacy of enoxaparin application as as thromboprophylaxis based on Khorana index in patients with unresectable PC on chemotherapy. Out-patients with PC on chemotherapy were retrospectively consecutively included in the study. Main and control group included 43 patients each. Patients of the main group were treated with 40mg of enoxaparin daily if Khorana index was >3 for at least 7 days or until Khorana index went <3. No thromboprophylaxis was applied in control group. Follow up time was 24 weeks and coincided with chemotherapy period. The rate TE in control group was 37.2 % (16 of 43) and 14 % (6 of 43) in the main group. The difference in event-free survival when calculated by log-rank test was statistically considerable (p=0.02). No massive bleeding was detected in the main group. Thromboprophylaxis with enoxaparin based on Khorana index in PC patients on chemotherapy may decrease the rate of TE.


thromboprophylaxis; venous thromboembolism; pancreatic cancer; enoxaparin.


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