Immediate implantation and loading in conditions of local application of platelet-rich fibrin

  • Ya. E. Vares Danylo Halytskyi Lviv National Medical University
  • V. Z. Slipyi Danylo Halytskyi Lviv National Medical University
Keywords: platelet-rich fibrin, A-PRF, dental implantation, immediate loading, osteogenesis


Summary. Today, the issue of stimulation of osteogenesis, prophylaxis of the atrophy of the margin of the alveolar bone, the protection around the implant bed from the ingestion of the connective tissue epithelium and the creation of sufficient volume of keratinized gums with excellent aesthetic parameters, especially in cases of immediate implantation and loading in the aesthetic zone is really urgent. 

The aim of the study – to learn the efficacy of local application of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) produced by A-PRF+ technology in immediate implantation and loading in the frontal area.

Materials and Methods. The material of the research was included defects of the dentition in the frontal area and the nosology, the protocol of treatment of which required simultaneous removal of the tooth and immediate implantation.

Results and Discussion. The average duration of inpatient treatment was 3.5 days, while the period from the installation of the implant to the prosthesis was on average 3 days. The terms of complete epithelization of the wound and removal of sutures averaged 8.5 days. In all patients, the aesthetic and functional results of implant treatment using one-stage compression screw implants in combination with A-PRF+  were evaluated as perfect. In general, patients noted a significant and rapid improvement in dental health and quality of life after treatment.

Conclusions. Immediate implantation and loading in conditions of local application of PRF are a method of choice in different sites of the upper and lower jaw, especially in the aesthetic zone against a background of deficit or minimal proposal of bone tissue. The local application of PRF helps to facilitate the postoperative period, significantly improves both the condition of soft tissues around the implant and the aesthetic-functional indicators of ultimate rehabilitation, improving the quality of life of patients.


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