The prevalence of dental diseases among children aged 6 to 9 years

  • K. M. Duda The prevalence of dental diseases among children aged 6 to 9 years
  • O. I. Lebid The prevalence of dental diseases among children aged 6 to 9 years
Keywords: caries, teeth, children, prevalence, intensity


The dental health of the child population has been and remains an urgent problem in modern society. Systematic scientific research of dental caries as one of the most common human diseases has been going on for more than 200 years. The spread of dental caries in children in the period of temporary bite reaches 80–90 %, in the period of permanent bite – 70–80 %, in adults – 95–98 %.

The aim of the study – to learn the caries lesions of the teeth and the hygienic condition of the oral cavity among children 6–9 years old.

Materials and Methods. This article presents the results of a survey of 108 pupils aged 6–9 years, including 52 boys and 56 girls (48 and 52 %), as well as 42 children from a boarding school of Nove selo village (19 boys and 23 girls (45 and 55 %)). We studied the caries lesions of the teeth and the hygienic condition of the oral cavity among children 6–9 years of age according to the prevalence index, which was expressed in percent and intensity of caries of the teeth according to the CFE/cf index of the surfaces. The results were processed statistically using Student's criterion.

Results and Discussion. Analysis of the results made it possible to determine that the prevalence of dental caries among the pupils of the boarding school was 96 % with the intensity of the CFE/cf 6.5, while in children with general education the prevalence of caries is equal to 89 % with the intensity of the CFE/cf 5.8. Diseases of periodontal tissue were observed only in 28.2 % of children from secondary school and 19.2 % among pupils from boarding school, while others showed mild blotiness and bleeding gums – 71.8 % and 80.8 %, respectively, which indicates a wrong oral care and the presence of inflammation in the gums.

Conclusions. We found that the intensity and prevalence of caries among children 6–9 years old is quite high. That is, this period of the child's life is important for carrying out activities aimed at increasing the resistance of permanent teeth in the period of mixed bite. The above data showed that among the pupils from the boarding school the intensity and prevalence of carious diseases were higher than among children from general education schools of the same age.


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