Peer Review Process

Editorial accept manuscripts concerning the journal's Focus and Scope. Articles, which are not corresponded the main approach or the edition's requirements, can be declined at the stage of initial review (during 7 days) directly by an Editor-in-Chief or returned to authors if file corrections are needed.

The journal’s policy supports international high standards of the peer review process transparency. IJMMR follows a double-blinded process of peer review:  authors and reviewers do not know each other's names. The submitted manuscripts suitable for publication in IJMMR are reviewed by two independent reviewers in the corresponding field within two-four weeks. The instructions in Ensuring a Blind Review  are followed.

The Review process is intended to lead the Reviewer through the Review process.

Reviewers estimate the manuscript’s scientific level and filling the "Review Form", where specify their remarks and comments to the authors and recommendations to the Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor and Section Editors.

After filling the basic "Review Form" experts select one of the offered recommendations:

  1.      Accept Submission – the article is ready for publication and accepted without changes.
  2.      Revisions Required – accepted, if an author will take into account the indicated remarks.
  3.      Resubmit for Review – need a revision and repeated reviewing.
  4.      Decline Submission – the article does not correspond to the requirements of the edition.

The submission then goes through the Editing stage which consists of copyediting, layout and proofreading. 

Experts may download files with corrections and comments, which can be used for the revision of the article. Our reviewers are aware that submitted manuscripts are the authors’ private property and are not the subject to unauthorized disclosure.

The authors should improve their manuscript during 1-2 weeks.

The reviewers re-examine improved manuscript and provide recommendations to the Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor and Editorial Board who then make the final decision on the possibility of its further publication.

In the case of declining of the manuscript, other reviewers are appointed within a few days. Authors have a right to appeal against a reviewer’s decision. Such appeals should be directed to the Editor-in-Chief. Then the manuscript will be sent to the independent reviewer for assessment. A final decision on the appeal remains with the Editorial Board.