A. V. Semenets, V. P. Martsenyuk


The importance of Medical Information Systems (MIS) for medical practice is emphasized. The wide usage of the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software is displayed. The importance and alternative approaches to implementation of the MIS in the Ukraine healthcare system are discussed. The benefits of the open-source MIS usage are shown. Effectiveness of the Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) application in the medical decision making process is emphasized.

The open-source MIS OpenMRS developer tools and software API are reviewed. The results of code refactoring of the dialog subsystem of the CDSS platform which is made as module for the open-source MIS OpenMRS are presented. The structure of information model of database of the CDSS dialog subsystem was updated according with MIS OpenMRS requirements. The Model-View-Controller (MVC) based approach to the CDSS dialog subsystem architecture was re-implemented with Java programming language using Spring and Hibernate frameworks. The MIS OpenMRS Encounter portlet form for the CDSS dialog subsystem integration is developed as an extension. The administrative module of the CDSS platform is recreated. The data exchanging formats and methods for interaction of OpenMRS CDSS dialog subsystem module and DecisionTree GAE service are re-implemented with help of AJAX technology via jQuery library


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11603/mie.1996-1960.2016.2.6487


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