V. O. Boryshchuk, O. S. Solovyov, T. M. Krasnianska, I. V. Klymenko, S. V. Auhunas, Yu. M. Hryhoruk, O. V. Kyrpach


The aim of the research was to study the correspondence of existing legislative and regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry development, the analysis of the formation of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market, the condition of drug assistance according to European requirements and recommendations of the WHO.

For the study archival materials, publications in scientific journals, and mass media were used, laws and provisions regulating pharmaceutical activity were studied and a survey among citizens was conducted. Systematic and logical methods, analytical and comparative analysis were applied, and own researches were performed.

For 22 years of Ukrainian statehood formation the following institutes were created: Pharmacological College, Pharmacopoeia Committee and State Service for Quality Control of Drugs which were transported to other institutes. Important laws were adopted: the Law of Ukraine «On Medicines», the Law of Ukraine «On small-scale privatization», the Law of Ukraine «On large-scale privatization» and others, which contributed to the formation and development of the pharmaceutical market.

In comparison with 1990 the amount of drugstore chains increased two and a half times and in 2013 in the country already worked 15 566 drugstores, including 3 025 in villages. Specific peculiarity of pharmaceutical market formation in Ukraine was the creation of powerful own regional and all-Ukrainian drugstore chains, that is greatly different from such situation in EU countries, where the legislation allows to have only one or two drugstores. As the result of pharmaceutical market formation the drugs nomenclature increased eight times and now makes up more than 20 000 names, including 92.4 % generic drugs. According to publications, Ukraine lacks about 40 % of drug molecules needed for medical treatment, and 30 % of studied drugs are not proved. There is the problem of uncontrollable turnover and drugs consumption in Ukraine. Self-treatment is widespread today: 82 % of Ukrainians prescribe medicines by themselves even when they feel a little unwell.

Among all examined 75 drugstores in different regions (Zakarpattya, Rivne, Khmelnytsk, Kherson etc.) people can get drugs without prescription. During 2014 the pharmaceutical market in comparison with previous year rose by 14 % and its income made up 36 billion UAH. Drug producers perform aggressive marketing and break rules of drugs advertising. Among important problems that require the improvement of legislative and regulatory base at governmental level concerning the economic drug assistance for all population groups.


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