Change of proteinase-inhibitory system of healthy white mice under polarized, incoherent, polychromatic light


  • N. А. Mamedaliev Український НДУ медицини транспорту МОЗ України1, Одесса
  • V. A. Divocha Луганський державний медичний університет2, Рубіжне
  • A. I. Gozhenko Український НДУ медицини транспорту МОЗ України1, Одесса



trypsyn-proteinase inhiditor, trypsyn-proteinases, PAYLER-light.


Introduction. Along with specific flu prevention, using vaccines other ways do not lose relevance to prevent influenza and SARS, which are non-specific and folk medicines, especially their use in pre-epidemic period. But unspecific methods are related to immune stimulation and focused on antiviral effect. These include stimulants interferon, gamma globulin, Arbidol, Laferon and polarized, polychromatic, incoherent (Payler) light.

The aim of the study – to learn enzyme-inhibitory system in a healthy body of white mice and its amendments arising under Payler light.

Research Methods. Trypsyn-like proteinase activity was determined by the method of K. I. Veremeienko modified by S. V. Vovchuk. Protein was determined by the method of O. Lowry. Definition proteinase trypsyn-like inhibitor was performed by A. P. Levytskyi.

Results and Discussion. As the results of studies in lungs of mice healthy active proteinase inhibitor trypsyn-like lung was 1.16 mg/ml, and serum – 168.7 mg/ml. Proteinases activity in the lungs of mice was 66.4 mg of arginine in 0.1 ml/1 hr; in serum of healthy mice – 51.5 micrograms in 0.1 ml/1 hr. The protein content in the lungs of mice at 6.28 mg/ml in serum of mice – 13.77 mg/ml. In mice that received 11 sessions of exposure Payler-light inhibitory activity in lungs was not determined and in blood serum was recorded at 80.12 mg/ml, under Payler light inhibitory activity decreased by 50 % in serum and completely disappeared in the lungs of experimental animals. Proteinases activity increased to 86.0 mc arg/0.1ml/1 hr. in serum of mice it was 26.7 mg arg/0.1ml/1 hr. The content of total protein in serum blood and lungs of mice was significantly reduced.

Conclusions. Under the influence of light-Payler proteinases we observed an increase in activity in the lungs of mice, and protein in the serum. Activity reducing of inhibitor on 50 % was noted in the serum of mice. At the same time, in lungs of animals we observed its complete disappearance.

Author Biography

N. А. Mamedaliev, Український НДУ медицини транспорту МОЗ України1, Одесса



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Mamedaliev N. А., Divocha, V. A., & Gozhenko, A. I. (2017). Change of proteinase-inhibitory system of healthy white mice under polarized, incoherent, polychromatic light. Medical and Clinical Chemistry, (2), 83–87.