Study of inhibitors for nitric oxide synthase its synthesis in tissues of rats with toxic liver damage

T. Ya. Yaroshenko


There were studied the changes of content of NO-synthase and metabolism products of nitrogen oxide in experimental hepatitis during treatment with inhibitors of its synthesis. According to the results of our research, the use of non-selective inhibitor L-NAME and selective one (1400W) eed to decrease of total activity of NO-synthase and content of nitrates and nitrites in the blood and liver of rats, but it’s significantly increased as a result of intoxication by allyl alcohol. It was determined that intensive iNOS expression and NO hyper production in toxic hepatitis, plays a negative role, whereas NO, is synthesized with constitutional NOS (generally concentrated in the endothelium of the capillaries) displayed a protective function, by improving microcirculation in the parenchyma and minimizing a toxic hepatitis.


nitric oxide; inducible NO-synthase; N-nitro-L-arginine; N- (3- (amynomethyl) benzyl) acetamidine.


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