Keywords: medicinal herbs, creeping thyme, extract, quality markers, technology


Introduction. One of the priority areas of modern pharmacy is the creation of new herbal medicines. Medicinal herbs and herbal remedies, at the right dosage, are virtually non-toxic, harmless, relatively affordable and effective. Thyme creeping (Thymus serpyllum), Lamiaceae family is naturally distributed in the wild and widely cultivated in Ukraine. It is known that drugs based on the investigated raw material are prescribed for diseases of the respiratory tract – bronchitis, pneumonia, whooping cough and the like. Topical medicinal plant raw material, characterized by the diverse composition and content of biologically active substances is the herb thyme creeping. This development involves obtaining a thick extract.

The aim of the study – to select thickening modes and determine the optimal conditions for the development of creeping thyme technology to obtain a thick creeping thyme extract.

Research Мethods. During the study, the following equipment was used: VT6 deep vacuum pump with a maximum dilution of up to 0.85 kgf/cm2 with an OBV 1-100 vacuum gauge with a measuring range from 0 to 1 kgf/cm2; laboratory rotary evaporator LABOROTA 4001, roller crusher, sieves, balance KP4, extractor, stainless steel bowl, thermometer.

Results and Discussion. As a result of the experiment, the optimum evaporation temperature of 65–70 °С has been selected, the evaporation time was determined – 4–4.5 h, and a thick extract has been obtained, which is a thick, viscous mass that does not flow out of the container but is stretched in threads and again merges into a solid mass with a specific odor with satisfactory pharmacological characteristics. Given that thick extract of thyme creeping is a complex physicochemical system consisting of phenolic compounds that are thermolabile, raising the temperature above 70 °C leads to a decrease in the flavonoids content selected by the quality markers of the test extract.

Conclusions. The modes of condensation upon obtaining a thick creeping thyme extract have been investigated, and the optimal conditions for obtaining the test extract have been obtained, which consisted of evaporation under vacuum at a temperature of 60–70 °C and a residual vacuum of 0.8 kgf/cm2. As a result, a thick creeping thyme extract with satisfactory quality indicators is obtained, which will allow the development of a good quality medicinal product in the future.


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