Bioethics and Malpractice Policy

Bioethics and Malpractice Statement

The cover letter (Submission and Formatting of Articles) must include information about the contributions of each person named as author/co-author of the paper. In order to avoid ambiguity surrounding contributions the corresponding author should follow the guidelines published by International Committee of Medical Journal Editors in the Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly work in Medical Journals.

All procedures which describe experiments with the use of laboratory animals, any works with the use of materials obtained from humans or donors, and/or patients should be conducted being guided by the norms of bioethics.

Research Reports on the results of human or animal studies should include, in the section "Methods”, a statement to the effect that the study protocol was approved by a pertinent ethics committee. The name of the committee and the decision number should follow the statement.

Submitted manuscripts should conform to the ICMJE Recommendations for the Protection of Research Participants.

The scientific misconduct in any form will not be tolerated by International Journal of Medicine and Medical Research. Occasionally, the unpublished/published papers may represent infringements of professional ethical codes, such as multiple submission, bogus claims of authorship, breached intellectual property rights, plagiarism, fraudulent use of data, etc. The paper in question (either the accepted for publications manuscripts or the published papers before the misconduct was discovered) will be rejected by International Journal of Medicine and Medical Research and all authors/ co-authors will be informed after the claim is supported by evidence.